About the Music Program

At Heath Traditional every student participates in our music program. Students are provided with comprehensive and sequenced music education predominantly based on the Orff Approach. Combining music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to child’s world of play. In music class students will express their creativity by improvising and composing their own music.


Primary Grades – KN, 1, 2, and 3

In the primary grades children sing, chant, clap, dance, pat, and snap fingers. As students acquire the necessary musical skills they will start creating their own melodies and rhythms and perform them individually and in groups. Throughout the primary grades non- pitched percussion instruments, xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, and recorders are introduced.


Grades 4, 5

In Grades 4 and 5 students will continue to develop their musical knowledge and techniques, applying them to the Guitar, Recorder, Orff Instruments and Voice. At the end of grade 5 students should have sufficient and comprehensive knowledge in reading rhythm and notes in the treble cleff in order to be fully prepared for entering the Band Program (Grades 6 and 7).


Band 6, 7

Students will choose their instrument, from the following: Flute, Clarinet, Alto saxophone, Trumpet, French horn, Trombone, Baritone and Percussion. Parents may need to rent or purchase an instrument for their child. Through the study of a wide range of music literature students continue to learn how to access and enrich their creative processes while working in an ensemble setting.


Choir (Heath Traditional)

At this time choir is suspended due to the fact that it is comprised of students from different cohorts (learning groups)

Heath Traditional offers the opportunity for students to join the intermediate choir. The choir rehearses once a week at lunch. Students work on choral repertoire in preparation for the school concerts and public performances.


Concerts (Heath Traditional)

All concerts and public events are suspended as per provincial guidlines.

Annual Winter (Evening) Concert and a Spring (Day) Concert. For more information of upcoming performances see our school calendar.